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Alien Contact | The Human Family's Greatest Threshold (Part Two)

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Humanity is experiencing alien contact at a growing rate. This is the greatest threshold humanity has ever faced. Contact with extraterrestrial life holds immense promise as well as great risk for the Human Family.
There are many people in the world today who have a history in the universe. These people are here to bring their accumulated Knowledge and wisdom into the world to assist humanity’s emergence into the Greater Community of Worlds. This is a significant time for them, a time when their true purpose can be realised.
The videos text is quoted from Life in the Universe, Chapter 14: Your Relationship with the Greater Community

The complete book can be found free online here:


There are several ET groups present on and around our World. All of these groups represent an intervention.. one that is not in the best interest of the human family. This intervention grows stronger every day, and is confident that it will succeed because there is not enough awareness of and/or resistance to it.

Learn more about this ET intervention / invasion and what can be done to empower the human family, so that our World can establish its’ freedom and sovereignty within a Greater Community Of Worlds. Visit:

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