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Cardano: The Number One Altcoin (Cardano Explained)

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Whether you’re asking “What is Cardano?” or you’re a holder of the ADA token, this full deep dive into Cardano will try to answer all your questions on what this crypto is, how it managed to more than 20X over the past year, and where it might go from here.

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Cardano represents the next generation of cryptocurrencies and the blockchain. In the same way Ethereum was a leap forward from Bitcoin, Cardano is a leap forward from Ethereum, leading some to call it “Generation 3” of the blockchains. Founded by Charles Hoskinson, a formed cofounder of Ethereum, Cardano has a much greater potential to scale than Ethereum, operates with a much more sustainable proof-of-stake model, and has the ability to create interoperability with other chains. They also recently introduced the ability to create smart contracts on Cardano, something that will be key for them going forward if they hope to overtake Ethereum as the number 2 crypto in the world.

In this video I dive into what Cardano is, talk about what makes is unique from other cryptos, and talk about different ways it could bring a return on investment, including through several future catalysts such as smart contracts and progressing further in their technical roadmap through 2025.

This is not an investment recommendation. It’s just a cool technology that is worth talking about.

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