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Cryptocurrency Excel Spreadsheet Tracker

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This is the way I keep track of my coins, it is a simple excel document that automatically updates 100 different type of cryptocurrencies live.

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IF you need any help in Excel:
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Donate BTC: 1CSVpg3XXzFbBX8rNv1E2TijVDhbAGihUX


50 thoughts on “Cryptocurrency Excel Spreadsheet Tracker

  1. Hey! Thanks for the awesome excel model, it's great.

    The only thing is that on my Mac I get the following message when I open the file
    "This workbook contains content that isn't supported in this version of Excel.".

    I think we have the same version of excel so I think it's an OS issue, any suggestions?

  2. Hi… thanks for sharing, much appreciated. I would like to know the following:
    1) How do I stop the macro updating every minute and set it to manual
    2) Everytime the macro updates, the values become blank. Please advise

  3. This looks awesome. Just what I have been looking for.
    However I try though it will not update the current coin data.
    I have even tried reinstalling the api with no luck.
    Is there a more current version or am I just missing something.

  4. Hello, Great spreadsheet I've been using it for a couple months. As of ~10/22/17 mine stopped updating from the datasource. Anyone else expiernenceing issues?

  5. I think it's a really good start! One thing I'm looking for is a comparison page. Example is it better to buy BTC with USD or buy it with ETC. I would want a quick comparison page. I should be able to build that with your document. Thank you!!

  6. Hello. Thank you very much for your Excel sheet! Since today it stopped to calculate my numbers. Excel still sais "Calculate" and "copying web data to sheet". But nothing happens. Can you please help me? Thank you!

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