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26 thoughts on “Ep. 57: Is Cardano Worth Holding Long Term?

  1. Cardano's aiming for the governments and the giant institutions they're not worried about the little speculators or the little temporary apps that come and go

  2. You should make a content on how to earn 6 figures in monthly profits cos I've been reading about investors making up as much and I'd really love to know how to such substantial profit in this current market

  3. I would like to mention the most valuable things in cryptocurrencies – data security and anonymity. For example, if you pay attention to the new steublcoin Utopia USD, it will become clear that it also has the reliability of the exchange rate in a 1 – to-1 parity with the US dollar.

  4. if Solana had the following that Ada has it would be at $500 by now but everyone kicking around a $2 coin that has such a huge circulating supply in the hope it makes it to $3 or $4? i dont get it

  5. Shame you missed the Cardano summit. Check out a few recap vids from IOHK. Cardano & chain link merger. Boost & dish partnership with Cardano, coti djed, Singularitynet grace robot…… Beat artwork on CNFT by far is Dracano. Only 99 s1 sold for 25 Ada. All hand painted can’t wait for S2

  6. When the bubble pops, and it will, all of these companies will go under. Two or three will rise from the ashes. Those will be the ones with charasmatic leaders. Thats just how it works. This isn't the first iteration of the matrix my friends.

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